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Professionalism Bundle

Course Description

This class includes:

- Organizing for Efficiency

-Time Management

-Dressing and Acting Professionally

-Customer Service

-Personal Growth

-Working for a Challenging Boss

This six part professionalism bundle includes all the instruction and organizational tools you need to stay professional in the work environment. This training session will talk about those tools and how to start each day ready to go, with the essentials you need at your fingertips all day long. You will also learn about values and priorities, the balance of time and energy, organizing to stay on track and be efficient, and the best ways to use your time on what matters most. In addition, this training session will cover the topic of appearance and actions, and what effects they can have on your role in the workplace. Also covered are service attitudes, methods, and standard practices for being your best in a service role. You will learn about ways to grow individually, and how to keep yourself from getting stagnant and stuck in a rut. Lastly, this session will teach the different styles bosses use to supervise, why they may do it, how their bad bossing affects you and others, and how you can try to work with them rather than against them.

Goals and Objectives

  • The participant will gain an understanding about why it is important to stay organized
  • The participant will identify specific steps and tools needed in order to organize a space
  • The participant will identify how to make decisions to help stay on track and organized
  • The participant will define time management
  • The participant will gain an understanding of how to schedule their time and implement their plan to do so
  • The participant will learn how to identify their priorities and find balance with their time
  • The participant will utilize a15-minute increment day planner sheet to organize and plan their workday
  • The participant will identify the time of day they work best and are most productive
  • The participant will gain an understanding of why dressing professionally reflects oneself
  • The participant will identify the benefits to dressing and acting professionally
  • The participant will identify ways to demonstrate respect for self in the workplace
  • The participant will gain an understanding of how effort plays a role in the representation of oneself
  • The participant will identify why customer service is important in any business
  • The participant will gain an understanding to why negative customer service exists
  • The participant will identify specific, quality practices for implementing good customer service in business
  • The participant will evaluate their own positivity and outlook on life in order to understand how positivity relates to good customer service
  • The participant will be able to identify and define different types of personal growth
  • The participant will gain an understanding of how to set personal goals and why it is important
  • The participant will be able to analyze their own personal growth and set priorities
  • The participant will identify the different types of challenging bosses.
  • The participant will identify specific strategies to overcome issues with a challenging boss.
  • The participant will demonstrate their understanding as to when it may be necessary to walk away from their job.


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Master’s of Science in Counseling, Bachelor’s of Science in Behavioral Sciences
Former Training Officer for Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation
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